United Spirit of America is a Certified Women’s Owned Small business co-founded by Patricia Agudelo CEO.

Early in her career she found out that our troops had to buy essential preventive medicine on their own, producing a serious and many times demonstrated liability in our National Security when soldiers get sick by common and unknown contagious diseases.

She setout to solve that problem and with her team she lead the research and development of OTC (Over the Counter) products that help our warfighters and troops, anywhere in the world, to keep themselves safe from sunburn, insect bites, fungal, bacterial and viral infections.

Her knowledge of troops needs also contributed to the development of several topical pain management lotions and creams.

Our products have been in use by all the branches in the military since 2008 and now the Warrior -Win Your Battles- logo is not only recognized, but preferred as a symbol of quality products that have been tested all over the world in the most challenging field and tough environments.

Under her leadership, the company grew from a tiny warehouse to a National manufacturer and distributor of our own products with sales over 3+ million dollars per year and hundreds of thousands of our top quality preventive medicine products to all Military branches.

Her vision was to make each of the products designed by her team to have tactical, protective and environmental advantages.

Her leadership has made the key difference in approaching the Defense Logistics Agency troop support goal of providing a “Best in Class” DLA Medical Surgical Prime Vendor level to their operations to support our warfighters and their families in the Medical supply chain.

She exemplifies in action the vision put in place by Commander Army Brig. Gen. Eric P. Shirley, “We have to always think about the warfighter first, and the warfighter always”.

United Spirit of America through its brand Warrior -Win Your Battles- is an active contributor to the reason “why DLA Troop Support is here, so soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen have subsistence, the very best clothing and construction equipment they need to sustain themselves and defend themselves in combat, [And] they have the medical supplies, surgical equipment and medicines to sustain and heal themselves.”

United Spirit of America and its brand WARRIOR – WIN YOUR BATTLES – are considered a best value contracting manufacturer for Military preventive medicine products in the world.

Combat troops are required to maintain readiness and be healthy for action at a moment’s notice. The Military considers it to be a chargeable offence when any preventable infection such as sunburn, athlete’s foot or insect bites prevent the soldier from executing his duties.

An essential part of the combat medical equipment should include Sunscreens, Insect Repellent, Lip Balm, antifungal treatment and personal hygiene products. We at WARRIOR – WIN YOUR BATTLES – have designed and produced the best preventive medicine products specifically for Military and outdoor use.

The technical advantages placed in our products gives clear tactical advantages to the end user.

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